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How to utilize TikTok to your advantage...

– but it's not what you think.

I’m not going to get on here and tell everyone to do the most recent trending dance or that their content has to blend in or stand out – what I’m going to do is share with you all the patterns I saw from the influencer and business owners that I interviewed for my podcast, #GoingViral.

There were four main patterns I noticed when developing my podcast episodes after I combed through all 11 episodes to find the best moments – not in a funny behind the scenes kind of way – I truly wanted to blend these TikTok-er’s stories to express and inform people about the four most notable points.

Which were: You & Your Brand, Niches, Consistency, and (as Nike says) Just Do It.

You & Your Brand Good branding is super important – I know it sounds complicated – but it’s really not. It’s just a depiction of who you or your brand are and their styles. It does help to think of the brand as a person and consider how they would act as a person. If you want it to look like a professional business, it needs to communicate that through more ways than one.

Niches The niche is going to help you to determine how you want to talk to your audience, as well as establish the content you create and a dedicated audience. A dedicated audience is incredibly important if you don’t want to be continuously fighting for new consumer’s attention.

Consistency In order to stay relevant on social media, it is imperative that you are posting often – minimum of one post per day. Everything previously discussed needs to be established prior to the implementation of consistency, otherwise it will be confusing. Think of a shop called Chills, imagine their logos look very cute and adorable with penguins and snow and swirls and you walk in to get some ice cream and it’s a bunch of older white men sitting in cubicles – it’s not an ice cream shop at all, but a heating and air shop. You would be very disappointed, right? You have to pick your branding and stick with it throughout everything.

Just Do It Now this isn’t concerned solely with TikTok – but it is an inspiration to go by: stop caring what others think. Many of the people I interviewed regretted not getting on TikTok and the main reason they didn’t was because they were worrying about what other people would think. At the end of the day, friends will accept you and it’s everyone else’s loss.

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