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Hi! I’m Anna,

& everything here is based on research...

well, that and contextual evidence from TikTok. It's all to uncover the effects of trust in advertising on TikTok. While it might be hard to grasp the relationship between advertising, TikTok and research can be compiled into various blogs and podcasts, providing a well-rounded understanding of it all. 

The only thing missing was real people's stories and experiences, either from going viral, becoming an influencer, or representing a brand selling through TikTok. Learning how these different people approach and utilize TikTok lends a perspective that might have been missed otherwise. Researchers look at trends and numbers, but there are some things one can only learn by doing.


That's the point of the podcasts! Through them, I was able to talk to 12 TikTokers about what they do and what they've learned. Through the blogs, I am able to relate the research back to consumers in an understandable way!

I'll be posting new content weekly, so stay tuned! You can also follow along on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok for interactive content and updates!

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